• Pre-Employment Medicals – An examination completed by either a physician or occupational health nurse, which concludes if an individual is medically fit for work. This can include drug and alcohol testing as well as, biological screening. Depending upon the age of the worker, or the specific position they are being hired for, various ancillary testing may be required by Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. This includes testing such as: spirometry, audiometry, ECG and/or laboratory testing. These can be completed both on and off site.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing – Testing can include urine, saliva and/or hair follicle testing which can be used to identify the presence of a variety of drugs and alcohol. Results can be instant (express) or lab based pending request.

    Health Surveillance - Monitors the health status of workers to gather data about the effects of workplace exposures and to use the data to prevent illness or injury. Evaluations such as audiometric testing, spirometry, blood analysis etc are common screening assessments.

    Second Medical Opinions – Medical assessment provided to the examinee by a physician who acts in an advisory role to confirm fitness to work, rehabilitation requirements or major illness confirmation with recommendations provided to facilitate recovery.

    Independent Medical Evaluation – An examination that is performed by a physician not involved in the care of the examinee for the purpose of clarifying issues associated with a medical or legal disability claim. This is an impartial, unbiased and objective assessment in which no physician/patient relationship or privilege exists.

    Wellness Clinics & Vaccinations – Can include administering flu shots, isometric testing such as height, weight, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc. Clinics can be tailored depending on request. Education is provided during individual assessments.

    Access to Medical Specialists – FIT For Work has access to Physicians specializing in the areas of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Neurology, Chiropractic, Dermatology and Orthopedic Surgery.

  • Medical Evaluations Section A or B – Independent Medical Evaluations are examinations performed by a physician not involved in the care of the examinee for the purpose of clarifying issues associated with the case. These are impartial, unbiased and objective assessments in which no physician/patient relationship or privilege exists. The sole purpose is to provide information to the requesting client and clarify issues associated with the claim and it is usually a one-time event. However, follow up appointments can be arranged for section B files. A timely and accurate report is written for this type of medical assessment. Submission of referral questions with these referrals is helpful in ensuring you get the best report.

    Impairment Rating Assessment – When a claimant reaches maximum medical recovery the degree of permanent impairment can be determined through assessment and review of the medical file. It is expressed as a percentage of total permanent impairment of the whole person.

    Independent Physiotherapy and/or Chiropractor Assessment – FIT For Work has access to a variety of specialists including Physiotherapists and Chiropractors who can perform independent assessments and comment on need for ongoing rehabilitation.

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