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Work Conditioning / Clinic Based Occupational Rehabilitation – A flexible program focused on strengthening, physical reconditioning, improving workplace tolerance, and job simulation. The goal is to improve physical functioning so that individual are able to return to work after an illness or injury.

Cognitive Work Hardening – A program focusing on cognitive remediation and improving tolerances for cognitive tasks in the workplace, through cognitive exercises, job simulation tasks, and cognitive compensatory strategies. The goal is to improve cognitive functioning so that individual are able to return to work after an illness or injury.

Exercise Therapy – The objective of our Exercise Therapy program is to return an injured individual to a normal way of life as soon as possible after suffering from an injury through an active exercise based rehabilitation program. No passive modalities are included. The program is designed for clients who are at work but having difficulty with work or non work related activities, or for clients with no specific job to return to, so specific Work Conditioning is not appropriate.

Case Management Services – Our team of occupational health specialists includes case managers who share our philosophies of early intervention and aggressive return to work planning following an injury or illness. Our case managers are able to liaise between the client’s medical providers, the client’s employer and the client, to investigate and oversee return to work initiatives.

Return To Work Planning / Worksite Occupational Rehabilitation – Return to work plans are developed, and monitored, to specifically meet the needs of the injured individual. This return to work plan may be an easeback plan or a modified duties plan, which can be overseen by an Occupational Therapist.

Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function, and reduce pain, when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future.